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$297 Critical Courage

My name is Veronica Crystal Young. Thirty (30) years in the Corporate and Creative worlds, has taught me much. Many times I would feel alone, scared to speak up or be seen for fear of rejection or judgement. Like I had to prove that I was good enough, smart enough, talented enough. 

Everyone always said, "You have it all together, you have everything."  I felt guilty because despite my success I was not happy. I was constantly tired and had no energy to even do the things I used to enjoy.  I was constantly doing more and looking for the next thing to make me happy. 

After discovering the Critical Courage Steps,  I decided to offer this special 6-week opportunity for the Critical Courage On-Line Course.  Mostly because I know how hard it can be to connect your head (What you know) with your heart. How difficult it can be to work on your feelings and emotions, and to pinpoint all your beliefs and values that drive your actions. How challenging it can be to really FEEL and be CONFIDENT in who you are, show up that way 100% of the time, and lastly to maybe even be totally honest with yourself about why you feel the way you do. 

I know I wish I had something like this when I was wading thru my feelings of bad, or lost or just plain not enough. Our thoughts about who we are and what we have been through can influence everything. And this course will challenge you to find your true self, stand in your power as you find it, and BE the unique, loving, happy person you inherently are and were………BEFORE the world and circumstances influenced your thoughts about YOU and your capabilities.  Let’s do this!

Yes! I want Critical Courage!
$297   Critical Courage
Roadmap to Confidence and Change


Clarity * Consciousness * Confidence * Courage
Create Change 
Critical Courage is for you if you:
Finally want to Invest in yourself and finally, take care of what YOU want
Are determined to change the the negative self-talk & self doubt despite the outer appreaance of success
Want to uncover initial steps to stop the anxiety        and feel fulfilled and happy 
Are willing to do what it takes to stop getting in the way of your own happiness and desires
ReConnect to the energy and passion you once had

Want to reclaim confidence, feel your power, and live a life of joy, love, passion and purpose

Critical Courage - Life Mastery Program

$297 What is included:

6 Weeks to Change - Each week you will receive a new module full of transformational information, questions and personal worksheets to privately review.
Choices - Six page PDF on choices & Reclaiming your Life.
Membership and Access to an Exclusive Facebook Group where I will answer questions, and you and other Critical Courage members can share your stories, challenges, break-thru's, and ask questions directly. 
My personal Email for a month of check-ins, personally discuss any questions or further unearth fears and beliefs that came up in the program. Together we can explore some initial steps for your intention to change and be free from destructive and limiting behavior.
Bonus - Know Your Power

Resource to see if you are you letting negativity, past trauma or abuse steal your personal power & drive your life.

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Week 1  - Define the Dream
Values - Needs - Alignment
Week 2 - Beliefs and Emotions
Thoughts - Behavior - Outcomes
Week 3 - Choice and Boundaries
Self Awareness - Responsibility - Boundaries
Week 4 - Connection 
Support - Belonging - Resources 
Week 5 - Action Plan
Distractions - Accountability - Steps
Week 6 - Self Care
Permission - Love

I hope you will take the opportunity to dive into the beauty and love that is you, and invest in yourself to start mastering living in the NOW with Joy, Peace, Confidence and Love....this day, and Everyday!  And Remember and never forget......


It is my mission as a Motivational Speaker and Coach to inspire you to discover what it is that is bringing an unfulfilling life, despite a successful persona. To overcome damaging effects of negative self-talk and pictures of the past; to live your life with self-confidence, freedom and mastery of who you truly are.
I want to help you make conscious choices, reclaim your self-confidence, and gain some clarity on direction, establish connection with spirit and LIVE YOUR LIFE of SUCCESS with joy, love and fulfillment.     BE STRONG. BE LOVE. You are Wise, Worthy and Beautiful, and Youth is in your Passions!